About this course

In this course, Matthew Murphy Ph.D., describes the basic science of regenerative medicine including...

  • Different cells and their sources; the biochemistry of different cellular components (such as cytokines and growth factors)

  • The healing cascade as well as cell signaling

  • Also, a detailed focus on the history / evolution of regenerative medicine scientifically  and regulatory issues

Course Includes

    1. Introduction

    2. Video Course

About this course

  • $47.50
  • 2 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content


Matt Murphy, PhD

Matt Murphy, Ph.D., currently providing technical support and project management in IV Solutions at ICU Medical (formerly Pfizer). Consultant for multiple medical device companies and clinics, supporting product development, clinical research, and regulatory submissions for biologics in regenerative medicine and anti-microbial products. Specialties: Biomedical engineering, Chemical engineering, Product Development, R&D, Project Management, Medical Devices, Business Development, and sales support, Adult Stem Cells, Cell Therapy, Polymers, Biomaterials, Drug Delivery, Materials Science, Regulatory Compliance.