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The biochemistry of Alpha-2-Macroglobulin (A2M) and its role in orthobiologic applications.

  • Learn about the pioneering biochemistry of A2M for the last 10 years

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Gaetano Scuderi, MD

Gaetano Scuderi, MD is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who has been treating patients with joint and spine-related pain for over 25years. Dr. Scuderi has published extensively on research related to biomarkers for the accurate diagnosis of pain in an effort to improve outcomes of post-traumatic musculoskeletal conditions. His efforts have led to the commercialization of a biomarker test for improving current treatments of painful joint and back conditions, and the 1stpotential disease-modifying therapeutic that is going through the FDA process presently. He founded Cytonics Corporation in relation to these efforts. He has lectured both in the USA and abroad. He held an appointment as a clinical assistant professor at Stanford University from 2008-2012, where he taught orthopedic and spine surgery. Dr. Scuderi received his MD from SUNY @ Buffalo and residency at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital. He also completed a spinal reconstructive surgery fellowship at the University of California at San Diego.