About the Congress

The Perinatal Stem Cell Society (PSCC) organized this Emergency Workshop, in partnership with Boston BioLife.

  • There are 7 Presentations included from The 8th Perinatal Stem Cell Society Congress

What's Included?

Summary / Recap of Presentations

Course Includes

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    • Introduction

    • How to use this course

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    Presentation 1: Camillo Ricordi, MD

    • Perinatal Stem Cell to Defeat the Pandemics of the 21st Century: Viral, Autoimmune and Degenerative Diseases Associated to Unhealthy Aging

  • 3

    Presentation 2: Bernie Siegel, JD

    • A Unique Perspective on the Direction That the Perinatal Stem Cell Field is Headed

  • 4

    Presentation 3: Peter Marks, MD, PhD

    • Director of the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) at the Food and Drug Administration

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    Presentation 4: Duncan Ross PhD

    • Exosome Characterization and Regulatory Considerations

  • 6

    Presentation 5: Ian White, PhD

    • Purified Amniotic Fluid Used in Clinical Research and Clinical Trials

  • 7

    Presentation 6: Maria Ines “Mari” Mitrani, MD, PhD

    • Clinical Update of a Human Amniotic Fluid Derived Extracellular Vesicle Biologic

  • 8

    Presentation 7: Mike Druckman, Marcus Kaiser, Bert Lao, and Beth Roxland

    • Expert Regulatory Perspectives From Industry Leading Attorneys

Message From the President

Co-Founder and President

Kyle Cetrulo

Kyle Cetrulo has been interested in Perinatal Stem Cells and non-profit organizations since 1998. As the former Director of the International Cord Blood Society (ICBS), Mr. Cetrulo organized the 5th and 6th International Congresses for the ICBS in 2002 and 2004, which had representatives from 23 countries participate in the meetings. In 2008, Mr. Cetrulo co-founded Auxocell Laboratories, Inc. (Auxocell). Auxocell achieved profitability in three years under his leadership and Mr. Cetrulo currently remains in the position of Chief Executive Officer at Auxocell. Editor of two editions of Perinatal Stem Cells (Wiley Press, 2010 and 2013) and 2006 guest editor of the Stem Cell Reviews journal special edition focused on Perinatal Stem Cells, Mr. Cetrulo developed relationships with the world’s preeminent stem cell researchers working in the perinatal stem cell field. In 2013, Mr. Cetrulo along with his co-founders decided to form the non-profit International Perinatal Stem Cell Society, Inc., in order to provide a platform for collaboration and the dissemination of knowledge and information about perinatal stem cells.