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Dr. Stephanie Clark offers a presentation of her research in Neurological Adaptations and Brain Function and its Impact on Clinical Outcomes.

  • This segment describes the role and importance/consideration of neurofeedback as a useful tool in the patient care.

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    1. Introduction

    2. Video Course

About this course

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Stephanie Clark, DC

Founder, Back To Life, LLC Chiropractic & Alternative Services

Dr. Clark is a 2004 Palmer of Chiropractic graduate. In 1997 she graduated from Stetson University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Sports and Exercise Science with a concentration in movement therapy, and a minor in Psychology. While at Stetson University, she studied the effects of cellular health in relationship to the time of day. This was the beginning of her journey in determining the most effective approaches to healing the body and mind through cellular regeneration.

Dr. Clark graduated from Boston School of Herbal Studies in 2010 and made the conscious decision to develop Back to Life, LLC, in order to provide individuals a comprehensive wellness program that supports healing at the systemic level rather than just addressing symptoms of diseases. Dr. Clark has been helping patients who have rare diseases or conditions that have been difficult for other providers to figure out. She attributes her success with such patients to her passion for biochemistry and her commitment to healing through the nervous system.