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What is Gut Microbiome and its Role of the Intestine and Auto Immunology?

  • Dr. Diane Muller’s years of experience describes Leaky Gut Syndrome

  • And its possible Implications in Myriad of Clinical Indications and Diseases

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Diane Mueller, (reg) ND, DAOM, LAc

Dr. Diane Mueller is a naturopathic doctor and a doctor of acupuncture and oriental medicine, focusing on functional medicine. She has been featured on Fox news as well as several radio stations. Her career has shined as the naturopathic doctor on staff in an integrative care setting at Swedish Hospital in Denver. Her dedication to education has propelled her involvement in teaching in masters level nutrition and acupuncture programs. She has been featured as a speaker at several national conferences and has co-authored the book "Stress Resilience" together with Dr. Miles Nichols.Dr. Diane's journey into the health care field was born out of her own personal health struggles. Having a history of nearly 20 years of constipation, bloating, chronic fatigue, headaches, brain fog and fibromyalgia despite normal conventional lab work and no help from conventional medicine. Dr. Mueller discovered she had SIBO, a parasite infection, Lyme disease, and mold toxin illness through her deep dive into functional medicine. She was able to treat herself from a functional perspective and recover her health. Now she is passionate about helping her patients to find the root causes for unresolved chronic illness and resolve the root issues naturally.