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Anne Truong, M.D, author and world-renowned training expert specializing in the implementation and role of various biologics for uses in clinical practice in the areas of interventional pain management, aesthetics, and health & wellness.

  • This training presentation will show the science behind her techniques in aesthetics including, Vampire Facelift, Vampire Breast Lift, men's health as well as hair restoration.

  • In addition, Dr. Truong shares how she was able to transition her practice from insurance pay procedures to cash pay procedures and her ability to triple her income.

  • In participating in this training, the learner may expect to take away various nuances in implementing new exciting technologies into your existing treatment paradigm.

Course Includes

    1. Introduction

    2. Video Course

About this course

  • $47.50
  • 2 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content


Anne Truong, MD

Dr. Anne Truong, international best-selling author of Erectile Dysfunction Fix, has helped thousands of men to ease erectile dysfunction (ED) and enjoy intimate relationships once more. Her treatments involve Platelets Rich Plasma (PRP), which uses the body’s own blood and innate healing abilities to mend injuries and treat ED. Personally taught by Dr. Charles Runels, the inventor of the Priapus Shot® used to administer PRP, she has found this method to be a natural alternative to widespread ED remedies, without the lasting side effects of many existing medications.  Dr. Truong also teaches other doctors to effectively use the PRP and bone marrow and fat stem cells aspirate techniques.

After earning her bachelor’s from the University of California, Berkley and her medical doctorate from the University of Nevada, School of Medicine, Dr. Truong continued her training in Internal Medicine at The University of California, Irvine, and completed her residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.

Dr. Truong then continued on as an assistant professor at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, teaching Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation to physicians in training before relocating to Fredericksburg, Virginia, to become the sole founder, owner, and president of Truong Rehabilitation Center. Her practice offers pain management and rehabilitation, functional medicine, regenerative medicine, and cosmetic and sexual medicine. Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation along with Electrodiagnostic Medicine, she has over twenty years of medical expertise and has taught physicians globally on regenerative, cosmetic, and sexual medicine. Aside from running her medical practice, Dr. Truong also serves as the Ambassador for Women Entrepreneurs Day Organization at United Nations and was awarded the 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year from the Regional Chamber of Commerce.