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Neurological Wellness including debilitating diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's are currently being analyzed in the most scientific manner available.

  • In this course. Christopher Duma neurosurgeon UCLA Medical Center, will describe his research and clinical experience with regenerative medicine in the restoration of functionality and quality of life Improvement for patients with Alzheimer's disease.

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Christopher Duma, MD, FACS

Founder, Brain and Spine Surgeons of Orange County

Dr. Duma is a leader in the research Community regarding neurological disorders in his pioneering new technologies in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine for a large population of Aging people with a high demand profile. Dr. Duma is one of the most experienced neurosurgeon specialists in the field of Gamma Knife​ radiosurgery and brain tumor surgery. Dr. Duma has been performing Gamma Knife radiosurgery since 1990, and as the most experienced Gamma Knife physician "west of the Mississippi", he brings to Hoag patients a level of physician expertise that is unsurpassed. Dr. Duma treats nearly 200 patients per year and because he also performs open, general cranial neurosurgery, he is uniquely equipped to offer an unbiased opinion about the management of any particular problem.

Dr. Duma received his general neurosurgical training at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC. He also completed a one-year fellowship in Gamma Knife radiosurgery and stereotactic neurosurgery at the University of Pittsburgh, Presbyterian Hospital, where the nation's first Gamma Knife was installed in 1988. In addition to his work with the Gamma Knife, Dr. Duma is involved with research in gene therapy, genetically engineered cells, and vaccines to fight malignant brain tumors. He has also been at the forefront of research in immunotherapy for primary brain tumors and the treatment of Parkinson's disease. Dr. Duma has authored numerous articles, studies, and book chapters, and continues to investigate new clinical applications for stereotactic radiosurgery.​