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Douglas Spiel, M.D. is an Interventional Radiologist and practicing Pain Physician for 27-years.

  • Dr. Spiel describes when to do surgery and when to use regenerative medicine techniques

  • Dr. Spiel offers decades of experience and reasoning when deciding which pathophysiology warrants individual approaches

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    1. Introduction

    2. Video Course

About this course

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Douglas Spiel, MD

A clinical physician who is board-certified in both diagnostic radiology and interventional pain medicine. His extensive knowledge in both these fields coupled with his understanding of the physiological basis of stem cell therapy has made him a unique presence on the educational landscape of regenerative medicine. Dr. Spiel lectures nationally for some of the most respected societies including the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians, Boston BioLife, Advanced Regenerative Medicine Institute, the American Association of Stem Cell Physicians, and numerous state societies. Dr. Spiel serves on the editorial board of Pain Physician, section editor of Interventional Pain Management Reports, and is a board member of the American Association of Stem-Cell Physicians. As an expert in Endoscopic Spine Surgery, Diagnostic Radiology, Interventional pain, and regenerative medicine, his novel treatment strategies serve as the standards for exosome therapy. Dr. Spiel has successfully treated numerous diverse pathologies ranging from central nervous system disease to alopecia, autoimmune disease, and various spinal and musculoskeletal conditions.