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Dr. Correra reviews his current research outcomes (September 2018). Dr. Correa is a leader in the field of regenerative medicine and currently participates in scientific research at the University of Miami Miller Medical Center.

  • The biochemistry of regenerative medicine

  • The fundamentals of stem cell biology

  • How stem cells find their way to their biological targets

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    1. Introduction

    2. Video Course

About this course

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Diego Correa, MD, MSc, PhD

Dr. Correa is an expert in Cell Biology, with special emphasis on MSC biology and clinical applications in Regenerative Medicine. Throughout his career, Dr. Correa has approached Medicine and Science in a dynamic multidisciplinary manner, using tissue injury and regeneration, and the musculoskeletal system as primary platforms. He has analyzed them from various perspectives, including a clinical view of tissue damage in skeletal diseases, an engineering analysis of tissue mechanics, a basic science study of the cellular and molecular underpinnings of skeletal development using genetic models, and the development of novel therapeutic approaches to treat immune-related conditions and traumatic skeletal diseases based on stem cell therapy. He holds various patents submissions; is author and co-author of a significant number of scientific publications in recognized journals; serves on the editorial board and as a peer reviewer of various recognized scientific journals; serves as a formal reviewer for scientific institutions both nationally (e.g.: CIRM) and internationally; is an invited speaker and lecturer in national and international scientific and medical meetings; participates in diverse entrepreneurial activities, such as the creation and evaluation of private start-up companies in the areas of Regenerative Medicine and adult stem cell-based therapy, and in various Scientific Advisory Boards in companies within the Regenerative Medicine field.